Dear Reader,

you might have noticed that the name of my blog has changed from The best thing about today to Tiny House Tails. This is just the start.

I have been writing this blog for the past four years or so and felt that having gone through farming season a few times, that’s enough idle chatter. You, my good reader, have been with me for some time and so I felt that I should let you know about what’s going on here, warn you of the abrupt change of scenery.

So I am currently taking a course on how to become a billionaire through blog writing (which I am sure will happen next week… it will, right?). I am yet to discover how to write my chatty, pondery posts and at the same time sell stuff. I am worried that my blog will be too salesy, too preachey. So here goes. I am creating my first few post in the background and so far I feel they could be written by any ‘How to’ guide. If you keep me in your mailbox, you will get tips and advice on running a holiday cottage and what to avoid – do not let people make jam on their weekend away from their own kitchen, for example.

I still want to incorporate my chickens, dogs, garden and farming escapades into my posts but at present have no idea how this will go.

Writing this one at 6am on Saturday morning (yes, that’s how much I am worried about upsetting you by changing everything), I want to give you a heads up and perhaps a chance to leave. If you stay, please don’t let me be too boring and salesy.

Speak soon.


  1. Be you, tell us about the guests and their expectations and how you fulfill them. Throw in some farm stories to engage with the country life that visitors are wanting to experience and add professional tips for those starting out. Booking through National Trust you get lovely settings but no extras or customer care. Tell us how you give us that little extra that maj s us want to come back !!

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