Caught in the act

First I thought that White was performing some kind of poultry yoga. Then I luckily took a second look and found out that she was standing on one leg, perfectly still, while her other leg was high above her head tangled in the electric fence. It twitched gently with the current coursing through the netting. She must have been caught when she was flapping or even trying to fly over the fence.

Abandoning the keen dog by the gate I ran back to untangle her. And this time I managed without actually electricuting myself. I was worried she would be stressed, hurt or even dead. Instead, when freed, White shook herself and ran to the feeder for some corn. I enclose a diagram because obviously I didn’t take a picture. Blogger I might be but I have a heart! image.jpeg

Ps: now you know why I’m a writer, not a painter.

Fred the dog’s little girlfriend attended again yesterday and today. No luck for the poor pooch. He was so willing and she just preferred to chat and eat his biscuits. Perhaps it’s down to the inexperience of both dogs and also both owners. Maybe in half a year.

I finally had to go to work today and the Sauvignon grapes were my company. The foliage is so huge that it took me whole morning to strip four rows! The bunches are quite a good size and not too tight yet, so hopefully the room and light I am making will help them ripen up. I wrote part of this blog there in the vineyard and it was idyllic. I know that come November I won’t be so enthusiastic about the outdoors but let me enjoy it while it lasts.


Oh! And I started using a Fitbit! My goodness what a world of wonder! Apparently I walk like a maniac and burn calories left right and centre! Let’s hope that my bikini, jeans and skirts know about that. I was sitting with friends today and suddenly my wrist vibrated (oh!..) and the display erupted with fireworks. It would have been great if I hadn’t left my phone at home so I wasn’t quite sure what I was celebrating. I have looked since and still have no idea… Probably surviving day’s work or something.

With all the counting of calories I am already planning my breakfast tomorrow. It might be the egg that White laid even after her ordeal…



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