Embrace darkness, light a candle

It has been long, busy, up-and-down year. The weather proved that we are in fact not in charge of this planet and the farm felt that.

After a shocking harvest we briefly escaped to tropical climes to warm up our bones and paid for that luxury not just with the hard earned money but also, in my case, with a stinking, old fashioned cold.

With my new knowledge of herbs and plant medicine (which is nowhere near complete or even at half way there) I have dived into my collection of magic. Echinacea, honey, nettle, burdock, rosemary, sage – you name it, I drink it. I drink them during the grey, rainy days and again in the long, dark, evenings.

Which brings me smoothly to the fact that with my witchery let loose I am hugely excited about the darkness, the candle light, the cosy blankets, the open fire, the stars in the winter skies, the new moon, the full moon and all the other moons, the mystery of sleep and dreams and the overall feeling of hiding in a welcoming dark cave of winter. I urge you to think about the good things that darkness stands for – safety, rest, regeneration.

Light and darkness at Bedgebury Forest, Kent, UK.

Next time you feel sad because the house is miserably dark during the day, light candles, make a hot drink (try Reishi mushroom powder or stick with tea), find your fluffiest blanket and read a book. The candle will remind you that there is light inside all of us. We just need to keep it on.

The fresh flowers that greet our guests at our tiny house have been replaced by an Advent candle.

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