The horse that bolted

No, I am not writing about the coronavirus again. There is so much other life going on that I can’t justify spending my time on just one thing.

As the countries shut down one after another (ok, so just a touch of the C topic), I’ve noticed how many fewer planes are crossing our skies and as if to reward us for that, the weather has been glorious. The trees that we planted in December are slowly waking up their shy little leaves. The mud is hopefully drying out. Despite the global panic, life in the countryside is not stopping. Farmers are trying the catch up with their tasks at breakneck speed. Dogs need walking, chickens need feeding and cleaning.

And then today a pony bolted. Literally. Walking down the road with a trap in tow, Holly’s bridle came off. She is a shy little girl that loses her confidence when feels not connected to her human. So she sped up and sped up. Came to a bend that she hates and instead turned down a muddy footpath. Her driver came off and she disappeared with her trap.

My sister in law found her down by the reservoir, the trap stuck in the deep mud. She was frightened and stressed. Holly, not my sister in law (who is actually quite accomplished with horses). I joined the timeless tableau shortly after.

74A89184-0601-4D72-87B5-6D2C9985759AHolly’s owner came, freed the scared animal and together we walked her back. I did my best to send Holly as much reiki as I could while trying not to end up in the mud face first. Also, initially I was worried about my dogs barking and startling the pony (I had been walking the boys when the call came). I must say that they were absolutely exemplary, picking up on my calming efforts.

And that’s when I was suddenly transported back in time. No traffic, no planes, two women, two dogs and a horse walking down the path. Everything else faded for those forty-five minutes. And the sun shone.

All because the horse bolted.

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