What I love about being a Bluetit is..

In March last year friend of a friend started  women only chill swimming group called Bluetits. Oh yes, you heard right.

Well of course I said I’d join. I like a challenge and cold water has never been much of a problem for me. But wait, the waters of the coast of England in March?

If I remember rightly, the water temperature on that day was 7 degrees. On the other hand, I was wearing a swimming costume. The first few steps into the cold sea are imprinted into my brain forever – I walked in by myself, holding my breath as the waves washed over my ankles, swearing under my breath and wildly waving my arms. Eventually my hands settled on the top of my head and stayed there to stop me screaming and running out of the water. Sounds horrendous?

The fact is, that as soon as I started breathing again, the sensation of cold and pain went. Mainly because by now I couldn’t feel anything, that’s how cold I was.

But the moment you come out after ten or so minutes after your first chill swim! Man alive! Or rather Woman Alive! Elation, happiness, sense of achievement.

Since that first day in March we dipped into the cold sea many times. All women, all swearing as we go in (some of us louder than others) and all equally bonkers.

And that’s the other thing – all women. I have said it before, I have never been a woman’s woman. I found us females bitchy and sneaky. But despite that I agreed to go to a swimming weekend in Wales with 100 women that I didn’t know. I was a bit apprehensive, I must say.

And you know what? It was brilliant! I loved the camaraderie and support that we all shared. When one of us decided to do something crazy, at least dozen other women joined her, to encourage her. I loved it.

So What I love about being a Bluetit is not one but many things. The swimming, the freedom, the calm in my head, the euphoria afterwards and most of all my fellow tits.

And there’s cake afterwards..


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