Cup of coffee

It has been months since I even looked at this site. Let alone filling it with my ranting. And then a string of ‘coincidences’ happened.

At a Christmas dinner with our volleyball friends I sat opposite someone, who offered me a Goal Mapping session. We talked about my love of animals and of reiki (energy healing, if you are new to this) and how I want to combine those two and how I am rubbish at selling myself. The Goal Mapping session brought me focus and crystallised all those fuzzy ideas and desires.

When the pruning season started, a long lost acquaintance came to help on the farm. Her dog got ill and according with my goal map I offered her a gift of reiki healing. The treatment worked beautifully on BOTH her dogs and a cat (I love that I can send three animals to sleep simultaneously). That was the encouragement I needed. I am in process of arming myself with all the possible knowledge for confident animal reiki practice. Vistaprint cards have been delivered.

And then a blog arrived. A couple of days ago. A photographer, whose reportage style pictures of Damascus I greatly admired (with a healthy helping of photo envy, I must say), asked in his blog to be bought a cup of coffee. I did. And he found out that I live in a place where he grew up and he is dreaming of living in Central Europe where I grew up.

This last link in the chain of events made the whole lot sparkle like magic!

I had been about to close this site and maybe open a new one or stop blogging altogether. Then I realised that I can’t. We are all writing for a reason. And mine is telling a story. Wether it’s about cleaning out french drains, planting blackcurrants, visiting an orphanage in Uganda or walking a dog, I must share them. And there are people who will read them. Or not.

A long, long time ago I promised to tell you about swimming in cold sea with crazy women (still swimming, still cold, still crazy). Also, I owe you an update on my woodland project (1450 trees). Watch this space; I will write again.

Thank you Lorna, Angie and John. You know why.


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