Militant bird and other issues

So it has been some time again and a lot happened since.
1. Our cockerel has become extremely militant

2. I discovered how new hairstyle can lose you friends

3. Going off sugar hasn’t worked out (again)

4. I forgot how to cook.

So first things first. The main man of our flock has decided that he hates everything and everybody as long as he is not confronted by it/them. He perfected the ‘I wasn’t chasing you and trying to kill you’ trick. And trust me, if he had a shop window, he would be looking into it as soon as you turn to face him. That’s how nonchalant he acts. The girls obviously find this very attractive and cheer him on.

A few weeks ago I introduced a fringe into our lives. Result? My husband wakes up feeling cheerful and laughing, courtesy of the fringe’s morning look. Fred the dog has to cross his legs for longer as I spend considerably longer time in front of the mirror every morning, trying to tame my naturally wavy hair. I have to wear a hat when it rains. Oh, and nobody recognises me at first. So I end up having many lukewarm small talk exchanges with people who consider me being just a nosey stranger.

I am not even going to comment on the sugar thing. Enough said.

In one of my previous blogs I was singing praises of the food boxes delivered to our door with ingredients and recipes. We are still enjoying them but the result of the whole system is that I cannot remember one of them or what goes into it. I decided to cook something for my mum when I visit her and just cannot think of one!

I am currently sitting on a Czech train running away from Prague as fast as we can. As is the man in the corridor who has spent the last four hours talking to his mistress on the phone, explaining that he is going to Ostrava only to break up with his girlfriend/wife (not sure about that, but she is definitely not the nice one of the two apparently) and that he will return back to Prague 100%.

As well as pondering my inability to cook I am seriously contemplating asking my co-passengers whether they would mind frightfully if I produced my hair tongs and ironed my fringe.

It rained in Prague. And rain means curls.

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