Karma for dogs

Each dog has a Nemesis. At least each dog I know.

Years ago we had a rescue German Shepherd Dog called Bella. She was a poor sight when we first got her, aged fourteen months. She had spend three months of her life in a dog kennel and was not thriving on that experience, to say the least. So we rescued her and brought her home. She was nervous of people and other dogs and it took a couple of years for her to be able pass other dog walkers without hiding behind our legs. She was a sweetie and the whole family loved her for her soft nature and a beautiful big bat ears.

Then Harry arrived. He was a boisterous black Labrador puppy and all he wanted to do was to jump up Bella’s face. He wanted to play. And run. And play a bit more. And occasionally have a good old fashioned play-fight. Bella was seven years old then and the last thing she wanted was… well that little black puppy. She could escape him after work, but while on the farm, Harry seemed to appear out of the blue with his owners. The expression on her face said ‘not amused’.

Almost three years ago Bella died. And despite saying that we couldn’t face all that grief again, we got another dog. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you would have come across Fred the dog. He was cute, playful and energetic.

Harry the black Lab had turned four by then. He wanted to walk and swim. Fred the puppy had other ideas. He wanted to jump up Harry’s face. He wanted to play. And run. And play a bit more. You get the picture. The similarity between Harry’s and Bella’s expressions of disgust and contempt was uncanny. Harry had to pay for his puppy sins.

Today Fred the dog is nearing three years of age and has grown up and calmed down a little (not too much though). He wants his house to be his and our sofa to be his. And his walks to be fun – but on his terms. He is far from the snapping, yapping pup that bothered Harry so much.

A friend has bought a puppy. Bertie the Border Terrier. Bertie is boisterous. He jumps up Fred the dog’s face. He wants to play. And run…

Fred turns away in disgust and contempt, not aware that he too is playing his role in the karmic chain. He would be much more accepting, if only he knew…

Watch out Bertie!




  1. Haha, so unable to sleep I have crept downstairs so as not to wake all four of the  boys in my life and open my computer to start reworking on this bloody proposal when your blog appears as a heading.

    Within the first sentence I knew what the conclusion was to be and yes I was right….. my thoughts bring it on – I am so longing for the day that Bertie is calm!

    Keep on writing V, your blogs bring much happiness to me and I am sure all others that read them

    A xx

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