Love your dog? Love two!

Facebook is full of dogs. Funny dogs, cute ones, the ones that are scared of water, the ones who love skateboarding. And stolen dogs. Every day somebody somewhere reports their beloved pet (and very often they are beautiful cocker spaniels and springers) had been snatched into a van and driven away.

Only last week some poor, distressed and clearly heartbroken person asked people to be vigilant because her two springer spaniels were stolen from her while she was walking them ON THEIR LEADS! How much more vigilant can you be?img_1435

Yes, dear reader, the time has come to take action. And being vigilant might not be sufficient. So here is my idea:

I come from a country where dogs are more working and guarding animals than domestic pets (although that is gradually changing too, after all, even the Czechs are only people). Yes, they have to walk everywhere on leads and yes, they have to wear muzzles when out of their gardens but I guarantee that anyone would think twice before stealing what is clearly not a cutesy, cuddly puppy.

I moved to the UK and quickly realised that most people here are nuts about their pets. That’s why I fit in so well in this country. What that leads to though is the fact that our dogs are well socialised and friendly with other people and dogs to the point of becoming quite unnecessary around strangers (you know who I am talking about, Fred).

What can you do about the issue?

o Get yoursef into our nearest rescue centre (RSPCA ) and select a buddy for your pooch. There are hundreds of unwanted dogs that are waiting for someone to love them.
o The bigger and uglier, the better.
o Goodness, make sure that the newcomer likes the incumbent!
o Attach the two together (by a lead, companionship and of course by loving care).
o And then watch. People will stay a safe distance away when your new baby bares their teeth.

A lot of rescue dogs have been treated badly in their short lives and are wary of strangers (and very often unknown men). They are on the whole less trusting and more nervous than the lovable working cockers that are used to lots of dogs and people around. They can be incredibly soft, grateful and loving pets, but a man looking to steal your working dog will not know that. All he will see are the teeth of its big brother.

And guess what? You help an abandoned animal get a heap of unconditional love into the bargain.

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