He ate…

So, back to my chickens. The girls refuse to conform to the norm and keep laying an egg each every day. I guess that they haven’t heard about the fading light and plummeting temperatures. They have probably decided that the winter is not severe enough for them to stop. I am very impressed with their frozen little spirit.

At the same time I have become quite worried about their lord and master, the cockerel. Not only he failed to wake us up before the light, he also stayed ‘indoors’ while the hens greeted me at the gate.

I am not ashamed to admit that I thought about the poor bird throughout my (otherwise very productive) warm and cosy office day.

One thing about having chickens is to be prepared to perform the chop. Am I prepared? There is the bird flu all over the place and I would hate for the beautiful boy to die of it.

I rushed home in the afternoon to come to him still (or again – bar installing a camera, I can’t know) sitting inside the coop. This time he was relaxing in one of the nesting boxes right next to the three fresh eggs. I couldn’t help it and chased him out. Swearing to himself, he slowly walked out. And then he noticed his girlfriends eating some grain and ran to them. He ate.

Surely that’s a good sign?


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