Deepest daze at CocoaBlaze

You know the feeling when you feel run down, stressed, flaky and anything but positive? Well, that’s what I was, coming back from holiday. I know, I know, I should have been bouncing of the walls with enthusiasm and energy. And I was – until we boarded a plane, then another one, lost our luggage, found our luggage, husband got earache (definitely a positivity killer), got on another plane, sat next to an American guy who tried to convince us that his decision to vote for THAT man was a good one, landed in London, and got cold.

Luckily I had been organised before the holiday and managed to book myself into a rather cute little place called CocoaBlaze. It’s hidden at the edge of Ticehurst, complete with farmland and clucking chickens. The small building is like an Alladin’s cave of beauty therapy, relaxation and rejuvenation. Don’t get me wrong, you can come here for the less relaxing waxing treatment and let’s be honest, lots of us do.

The proprietor of CocoaBlaze, Maite, makes sure that after my eyebrows have been brought to order, I can relax with a fantastic facial.img_1002

On goes the soothing music, out come the blankets to cocoon into, and the room is filled with calming scents. I give Maite enough information so that she can tailor the facial for my particular needs – be it coming back from holiday, spending too much time in a dry office environment or recovering from flu. She has a remedy for everything.

As I drift into a meditative state (or as I attempt to – mostly I fall asleep within ten minutes), my face gets treated to a course of lotions, potions, serums and other magic. And the hardworking skin is drinking it all in. If I am still conscious forty-five minutes into the treatment, the appearance of wet hot towels on my face finishes me off. Every time. Hundred percent.

A gentle spritz of a customised toner always takes me by surprise. I wake up in a daze, stretch out and yawn. There is a smiley face telling me to take my time and then a mirror reflecting my polished, rosy complexion.

‘You look great,’ my friend tells me later that day, ‘it was obviously a good holiday.’ I smile and take the compliment gracefully. Little does she know…

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