What’s your Good?

Considering my sarcastic comments about the new year fitness and diet regime, I must now eat my humble pie, so to speak. I have read my favourite lifestyle book (I quit sugar for life) again, from cover to cover and have started wearing my Fitbit. Again.

Had I lapsed? Well, let’s just say that had I not been rudely interrupted by our trip to Africa and the festive season, I would be feeling much more virtuous (and less bloated) right now. As it stands, my new wardrobe, so joyously purchased in October last year, is somewhat tight.

All this pales into insignificance compared to a few pics that arrived today from the orphanage. Far from being on diets and detoxes, the two hundred children see 2017 as a year of meat and soda. At least that’s what the photos portray. The new year was marked by bulging plates. Everybody had meat and fizzy drinks. I hear the collective gasp as I write that – fizzy?! But you know what? They drink them about twice a year and the sweetness is a treat for them. For the rest of the time it’s water. So yes, fizzy drinks all around!img_0988

At the same time a friend had some very bad news about her mum and spent her New Year’s Day in the hospital with her. It’s never easy when your loved ones are sick and you feel helpless. Even less so when everybody else around you is celebrating and you don’t want to spoil their fun. My friend texted and within her message about her mother’s condition she wished everybody a happy new year and also commented on the amazing NHS staff that were looking after the patients that night. Now that’s strength.

So the lesson here? It doesn’t matter what kind of good you are met with. Appreciate it. You never know, it could come to you dressed in a nurse’s uniform, wrapped around your wrist while counting your steps or even bottled and fizzy.


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