Tonight’s the night

After the blissfully indulgent three weeks in Africa we came home and hit the ground running (little bit like those people crossing over to Mombasa on one of the ferries). img_0887The festive season – or the crazy season, as I call it – is in full swing and people are generally thinking that unless they meet up with their friends and family before the end of the year, they will never see them again.

Or so it feels. Back for a week and we haven’t spent one evening alone at home yet. It’s great to be that popular but the combination of our sleep deficit and rooms full of people in different stages of ‘oh, just some cold that’s going around’ is making itself known. This morning it’s my throat and head (ok, the head might be due to the buckets of red wine last night) and Mike as a bonus also lost his voice. I think that tonight is the night. Complete shutdown with Planet Earth 2, a dose of Night Nurse and lots of tea.

Thus we will prepare for the Czech Christmas consisting of a special dinner (normally a carp and potato salad but we are opting for a tuna steak and mashed potatoes this year) on 24th, presents under the Christmas tree and a heartwarming movie (Love Actually).

And then the English Christmas arrives! More presents under the Christmas tree (we have to disciplined and not open everything the night before) and Christmas dinner. We might have a bite to eat in our local pub though.

And then it’s almost over and very soon we can all start our traditional detoxes, new gym memberships, dry January, clean slate and all those lovely things that belong to the new year.

In the meantime though, let’s enjoy the crazy season with everything it brings. After all, it’s Christmas!

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