2 Friends Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda

We are at the airport again, this time heading back from Mombasa to Kigali and from Kigali to Entebbe. We have one last night in Uganda and then off home tomorrow.

Kenya has stayed unknown to us because we confined ourselves into a resort and didn’t venture out. We talked to a lot of the staff about their lives and ours and exchanged email addresses with a few guests (you know how it is, we invited one another to our respective countries, knowing full well that these arrangements usually come to nothing.

We drank our worth in Pimms and G&T and ate our weight in seafood. I tasted the Indian Ocean (involuntarily) and had my complimentary massage (entirely voluntarily). And still, as well as being great, relaxing, luxurious and lazy, the holiday has been just like any other holiday.

I don’t regret any minute of it (well maybe drinking the seawater, courtesy of a surprise wave) because I think that we had our fill of travelling and of getting to know a country and the people. Just not in Kenya.

We can’t all be travellers all the time. Sometime we need to be tourists.


We just arrived at Entebbe for the last night in Africa. Due to delayed flights (and therefore us being put on another flight) guess what? Both our suitcases are missing!

The local supermarket does not have ONE toothbrush…DSC05749.JPG

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