The world says ‘jambo’

A few lazy days later.

I didn’t think that I would be blogging from a holiday resort. After all, who would be interested in somebody else’s holiday anyway? But then I thought, I don’t give a monkey about that really (very topical with all the black and white colobus monkeys around) and I will write something.

So here it is. Having pleasantly sunk into the idleness of a holiday resort, we haven’t really done much here at Chale Island. We eat, we swim and we sleep. And I thought that would be it. But then I looked around.

I have never been to a hotel that had such a ‘united nations’ feel. When we arrived the clientele was predominantly white and German. That has changed in the last two days and with Christmas coming, the schools in most countries are letting their students go. That means that families go on holiday.

Every day at half past five tea and cake are served. Today it felt like we stumbled upon a world cake eating convention. A large Korean family was tucking into the biscuits, next to them a group of Kenyans drank their tea and so it went table by table. An Indian man with his Kenyan girlfriend; two Italian couples; a polish couple; a group of Czechs (I still haven’t told them that I can understand everything they say…); a Briton with his Czech wife (us); a german lady; an Indian family. Each with their idiosyncrasies and stereotypes , the room bubbled with a medley of foreign voices and languages.

‘It just shows that we can all live together,’ I said philosophically. Mike quietly nodded his head.

And what is the most endearing is that when we walk around the beach or through the paths around the island, we say ‘hello’ in Swahili, the language of our hosts.

So it doesn’t matter if you speak Czech, Indian or Korean, here we all say ‘JAMBO’!IMG_0884.JPG

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