Rest assured…

Sunday 4th December
Thanks to some generous donations from our friend Bruce we were able to deliver a first aid course in the orphanage. The pictures require little comment, perhaps just that it was brilliant to see that from the original two boys and two girls (to cover both dormitories) the group grew to six and sometime even eight. Children simply wandered in and took part.

We practiced CPR (no dummy, so we tried to revive a mattress), got to use the defibrillator (no, we didn’t turn it on and used practice pads), managed to get Mike into recovery position (even Jacob who is about six years old), bandaged arms and legs and talked about plasters, clean water, fever, burns and choking.

The donated defibrillator will be housed at Kitara health centre, which looks after the children and had recently been here to do an annual health checkup in the orphanage. We hope they never have to use it.

So rest assured, if you suddenly feel ill or injure yourself in Masindi and our young first aiders are around, you have a pretty good chance!img_0866img_0867img_0868img_0869

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