Down the path

The weekend has flown by at such a speed that I have to take a moment to adjust to the changes.

No, I am not talking about the seismic politics in America. I am not even talking about any special relationships or new alliances. No. I am talking about a quiet neighbourhood in which I spent the last two days.

This weekend I retraced my steps and returned to a quiet, welcoming house brimming with reiki. I picked up a slim course book and listened, talked, projected and channeled and went through an array of emotions, feelings, sights and sounds.

Second degree reiki unearthed, where the first degree just scratched the surface.

There were sticky moments when my visualisation of ‘walking down a path’ just didn’t happen. My overthinking brain couldn’t decide what kind of path to choose – English woodland or my favourite African walk or even somewhere in the Czech Republic? – I felt a little bit cheated. My mind got well and truly stuck.

Second time round I slipped into the picture effortlessly. Down to the smallest detail. And it felt amazing. I meditated, visualised, scanned, shared fears and experiences and meditated again.

This time I didn’t shake and cry (well, not as much, anyway), I didn’t suffer of the ‘reeling’ sensation. The whole process was much calmer, more balanced and measured.

And yet.

It feels more poignant now, that I am sitting at home. Somehow it’s more a part of me. Reiki is more real for me.

It feels less like a rollercoaster.

It feels like a path.




  1. It sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend and I look forward tho hearing all about it

    A xx

    Sent by Anna from my IPhone

    Sent by Anna from my IPhone


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