At the very edge of England

It started off as an accidental purchase by my friend Anna. She saw a book on walks around England and bought it. She has just got herself a puppy and decided that soon he would be the prefect companion for walks.

Yesterday I went over to her house to treat her to an hour of reiki. I felt that she needed it and the hour flew by while she relaxed under the stream of energy.

And then I saw the book. Book on walks. And admitted that recently I bought a similar guide for the exactly same reason (Fred the dog loves walks more than anything in the world). We opened on page one and twenty minutes later I was going back home with a plan for Sunday.

So here we are. Fred and I are resting our feet on the sofa with a cup of tea. The first chapter took us to the Birling Gap car park (I found a pound coin as soon as I climbed out of the car! – this was going to be a good day indeed), where we set off on the 13km walk. The day was warm and hazy to start with but as if a reward for our ambition the fog soon burnt off and the sun made the world cheerful again. The views were fantastic! We were standing at the land’s end with nothing but sea before us!

Only once we had to shout on top of our lungs when the dogs decided to explore the edge of the cliff. While running in circles. Not their brightest idea. Perhaps they wanted to join the seagulls in riding the thermals…

The walk led us through cliff paths, sheep fields, forests and a churchyard. We stopped to admire and old pumping station that played games with our imagination, its Victorian windows winking with mystery.

Everywhere we were meeting smiling people with assortment of dogs, children and bicycles. Most people with children were actually carrying their kids’ bikes but that still didn’t spoil the holiday feeling that was swirling over the coastal paths. That’s what weather will do for you…

Coming back to the car park four hours later, I got chatting with a man who was pointing people to the book fair inside the visitors’ centre. ‘They are all donated and not expensive at all,’ he said when I asked about the books. ‘If you have a spare pound coin in your pocket, you can get a few books,’ he suggested.

My hand went into my jacket pocket and closed around the little find from this morning. I went in and in my serendipitous mood I bought the first book that I picked up. It waited for me at the end of the room, amongst cookbooks and gardening guides.

And so at the very edge of England I acquired a book on guardian angels. img_0802


  1. Yay, I am at last following you.

    What an amazing day, and I feel the opening of a new chapter and many blogs to come…

    Now smiling to myself as I recall our day with a sense of achievement and aching feet, oh and one very happy tired puppy 😃

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