I am ready!

This morning was just the perfect interpretation of this time of year. Winter is inching ever closer and the days start off a bit murky.

I am slowly recovering from the heady, throaty cold that appeared the day after our successful fundraising evening. You know which one I mean – I wrote about the perfect place a while ago.

We decorated the place in some African fabrics and played music full of drums and voices, we put on some food and the pub next door contributed mulled wine and bubbly. Friends and family came, donated, drank, ate, shopped and went again. All in all a good evening.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I woke up the following day filled with cold, splattering and sneezing. Braving the elements at another pheasant shoot I suddenly realised that I have an option!

Reiki anyone? No? Never heard of it? Well, it’s an old japanese healing technique using energy. It can be hands on or even hands off. Only a very few months ago I was introduced to it and very soon I will be learning about it further.

So I started treating myself with reiki. The sore throat went after a day, the ‘woolly head’ feeling after two. I end each day with reiki and the more I practice, the better I feel. Of course, you can say that time is a healer. But I am happy to believe in energy. After all, isn’t energy the one thing that we need, that propels us forward, that we often miss, that we are out off or that we are full of? Think about it!

As well as myself I have started giving reiki to my husband, my dog, my plants and my friends. (The chickens are resisting by flapping when I try to catch them – they will always be uncatchable to me – I am not a great fan of flapping.) It is making me think differently and act differently. For the first time I feel like I can help someone in pain. It’s subtle and inconspicuous. But it’s there. The energy is there.

So bring on the murky mornings and falling leaves. I am ready! IMG_1170.JPG



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