Flowering troopers

This is one for those who actually read my blog on Facebook. Please scroll to the bottom of the page (after clicking on the link below) and find the ‘follow’ button. It will ask you for your email address and next time I publish, you will get an email.

I will stop publishing this on Facebook now because I feel that there’s enough rubbish there already and those of my friends who are not into reading my self indulgent musings, could probably do without the publlishing update on their home page. So go on, be brave. Some have already done it!

Talking of the rubbish on social media – amongst the shocking revelations about politicians and robbed celebrities I get fed up with the ‘blackmail posts’, as I lovingly call them.

  • Share this or you don’t love your mother/sister/brother enough!
  • If you don’t type Amen, you will have ten years of bad luck!
  • Share this post if you care about others!
  • I know that my REAL friends will copy and paste this!
  • I bet that only the truest friends will share this!

How do we think that virus spreads on social media? Let me think…

And so I will carry on spying on my friends’ photos and they can happily spy on mine but please, don’t expect me to click on everything just prove that I am a decent human  and your friend.

Ooh, I got carried away a bit there. I was going to write about the amazing way the nature keeps going through the rain and falling temperatures (yes I know that it’s still relatively warm!). Yesterday’s walk was spent by finding and capturing the flowering plants of Autumn. I was almost seduced by the fantastic red of the rosehip but I stayed strong – flowers only!image

Only couple of times I had to hide so that Fred the dog would realise that he was running off too far ahead (he then stops, panics a little and comes back to find me and stays with me for a bit). I don’t think that after two years he is getting the message but I will persevere.

But back to Autumn. What colours! If you look close enough, you will find some gem-like hues amongst all that green. I used to know the names of those little troopers but now I stretch to a dandelion and a daisy.  Might have to brush up on them.

With the cooler air and changes everywhere I might like Autumn even more than Summer I think…. And if it rains? Well then everything looks just that little bit fresher and cleaner.

So get out there and look around you. If you care about world enough, that is. 🙂




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