Misty mornings

Ever since they discovered that they can’t reach any of the tomatoes at the top and all the grapes have been eaten (by them), the chickens have turned their attention to the rest of the garden.

First of all they scratched holes in the winding path leading to the pergola. Then they very closely inspected what remains of an old flower bed. Just as well that we haven’t decided whether to grass it or plant something else there. They also explained to me that the trough with herbs needed updating and to Help me start they plucked out some of them. And they had been right! The curry plant’s roots have been slowly taking over all the soil.

Lastly (so far) they helpfully pointed out and proved the futility of the flimsy piece of netting loosely hugging the salads. To be honest, the plants have been there overtime and started bolting, so I guess they had to go…

Every time they destroy yet another part of my agricultural efforts, I close my eyes and think of the tasty eggs. And the girls deliver.image.jpeg

And so with all the help that I need, I am preparing the garden for winter. The colourful leaves are falling and the mornings are misty and smell of smoke. The chill in the air still melts away during the warm days but comes back in the evening to remind you to find your boots, jackets and scarves. The early evenings invite us to switch from light, uncooked salads and nibbles to hearty, hot meals.

So after all, who needs a vegetable garden in winter, right?


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