Honesty lives

imageThere is new posh supermarket in the next village. What excitement! The fridges are inspected, shopping lists are drawn up, car boots are emptied. Of course I went to have a look! Admittedly on the second day which meant that I couldn’t even drive into the car park, let alone park. So I deliberated for about a second and turned to Tesco instead.

Lo and behold, there were spaces everywhere. While I easily fitted in with my dusty old car, others didn’t. I spotted at least two disgruntled couples in their shopping finery, shiny cars and canvas bags, who clearly didn’t manage to park at the new posh shop either and were ‘reduced’ to purchase their food with the rest of the world.

When I came to the till, something very embarrassing happened. I didn’t know if I gave the cashier £30 or £50. What a first world problem! You see, earlier that day I was given some cash in quite new banknotes and some of them were clearly stuck together. But I wasn’t sure – I felt like a stupid woman who has so much money that she doesn’t remember having an extra a £20 note (which certainly isn’t the case).

‘I am 99% certain that this lady gave me extra twenty and they were stuck, but I can’t be sure,’ said the nice man at the till to his supervisor, ‘and I don’t want to be short when we are checking the tills.’

It was decided that I was to leave my phone number and they would let me know when they checked the following afternoon (today). And guess what? They have called me and asked me to go to the store tomorrow and pick up my £20! Honesty lives in Tesco!

In other news – it is raining, the chickens are getting closer and closer to the kitchen and hoping that they can move in. At the same time Harry the hound is visiting and together with Fred the dog they decided early on that they would swap beds. So we have a Labrador in a small bed under the table and a Spaniel in a big bed in the hall. They also swap food.

But all is good, tomorrow we pick grapes again and I am off to get some cash!



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