Gardener’s conscience

Saturday morning is my favourite part of the week. Providing that I don’t have to work  at the weekend, this particular moment in time is perfect. I get up early to walk with Fred the dog, so it’s not about sleeping late. I think it’s about being able to potter about aimlessly and without a reason. Or even about the luxury of writing blog in the morning.

There was some Weather yesterday and some parts of the country had floods. We listened to the news on the radio incredulously as we all made our way to work in a slight drizzle. The rain turned heavier couple of times but all in all it just about managed to water the thirsty ground. We even had a splash of sunshine about the time when Fred and I reached the vineyard.

My currently only flowering plant  in the garden (I have been too preoccupied with the fauna to pay much attention to the flora) has suddenly woken up. That and watching Gardener’s World last night made me realise how neglected my flower beds and veg plot were. Monty made me feel ashamed of myself as he waded through a river of colourful blossoms at Long Meadow.

I promised myself (yet again) that next year it will be all different. There will be colours and movement and texture and architectural point and everything. Just a few conditions though. The plants must:

  • be easy to grow
  • not require weeding
  • be resistant to chickens’ powerful feet and beaks
  • have fantastic flowers that don’t require deadheading
  • be resistant to black spot, aphids, bugs and other pests
  • preferably be edible
  • not be poisonous to dogs
  • atract butterflies and bees
  • not attract wasps
  • not cost a fortune

Any suggestions? Didn’t think so.

So it seems that fauna will beat flora in my garden again when the spring comes next year.

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