North Africa

It was a weird one today. The thermometer went completely crazy and everybody and everything was hiding. The dog found the coolest spot in the house and refused to come out. The chickens stood in flimsy shade supplied by a bamboo plant in a pot, with their wings and beaks open. The washing dried in a matter of minutes.

And then I logged on to Facebook and found that a woman I have known since I was a child (and who more importantly is my mum’s age) has just married a man in Egypt, Tunisia or somewhere. Out of the blue. Only last month she spoke to my parents about gardening and harvesting gherkins. Today she is married to a (very young) man in the north of Africa.

What makes a person change their life so radically? Is it dissatisfaction with the life they are living? Is it a hankering for adventure? Or just love? How about fear? Was she scared to marry someone from different culture and different generation? Or was she excited about the new experiences, new language, new order?

I hope she is happy with her new husband, life and country. Her defiant comment under her announcement tells me that she had to fight her family about her decision. It might be foolish but on the other hand, how exciting is that?

Good Luck! X image.jpeg

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