Spider webs, weather and chickens again

I woke up this morning to an amazingly beautiful mist and silvery spider webs on just about everything. I walked Fred the dog down the lane with nobody but squirrels for company, occasionally falling over a rabbit or startling a family of ducks. Had I been on safari, I would be taking pictures. Oh hang on! I did!

Early mornings are my favourite. Everything is peaceful and kind of private. Even when we ended up looking for and eventually finding a crazy spaniel who decided to hide from her owner, it was still our quiet morning. Until the chickens again.

As you might have gathered, I am playing around with the free range idea. However the ungrateful birds have set their eyes on the farm – oh no, the garden is not good enough for them any more! They managed to find the few holes in the fence and left their poor cockerel behind. I only noticed him standing on his own in the middle of the lawn, looking put out. The my eyes caught a white movement in the blackcurrants beyond the fence. All three! They all abandoned him!

A dance and a song (honestly) later they were all racing back through the gate. Have you ever seen racing chickens? They are quite fast. He gently told them off and they all  helped him throw around a few pebbles from the drainage canal. As if nothing happened.

Fast forward to the vineyard, the leaves, grapes and blazing sun. Another day in tropical temperatures made me appreciate living in England. The certainty that it will get cooler. And to think that my mother always says “couldn’t you have moved to a sunnier country?”



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